Useless Interface


The very first idea of the work was to ‘Using the Graphic User Interface as a visual content.’

The GUI has such an interesting characteristics. It is symbolic, simple, graphical, functional, exists only in the digital environment, exists only for the contents and function, not for themselves, and maybe it is the most used tool than any other things in this digital era. And it is also overtaking the field of design cause of the needs from the corporates. I thought it should be revisited in a different way.

To expose the new aspect of the GUI as a main visual content, I focused on their contexts and reversed it. I materialized the GUI from digital to real world by making it into the real object. From 2d(screen) to 3d, from pixel to real thing, from the tool to main contents, from digital to real world, from useless things to useless objects.

I made the photographs to book with seven chapters. The first chapter starts with the images which look similar with their native digital environment. Then as the chapter changes I gradually changes the context of the GUI such as their materialistic feature, usage, and environment.