07 The impression map of basel

The Impression map of Basel


front 1.jpg

This is the infographic map of Basel. However, instead of showing the geographical information and facts, this map shows the Subjective information of the city by people.

The objective facts of the city are maybe accurate. However, the only facts and data could not show how the city really feels like. Based on the idea, the information of the map was collected by survey, asking people how they image and feel the Basel?


The two category of the survey become the two core information and I applied the structure of spider web chart and the pie chart on each information. The large circular diagram in the center visualize the information regarding the feeling of Basel, and the surrounding six smaller circular diagrams visualize the information of the image of Basel. And the each white dots on the map stand for the each answerer and their answers. The map is about of images and feelings inside people’s mind. Therefore, the graphical style was made to deliver the sense like the scene inside people’s mind. For this, the blurred rasterized image arouse from black background was used to visualize the form of the image arouses from the surface of people’s mind.

 On the back side of the poster, the original datas in more objective form are provided for more detailed observation.

back 1.jpg