HMC digital sales process development

Digital service, UI design, 2012

“The innovative digitalized sales tool for Hyundai Motor Company”

Global motor company Hyundai wanted to digitalize and improve their sales process in order to convey better consumer experience of Hyundai Motor company. As a solution, our team made a tablet PC application “SMART PLANNER” that supports Hyundai dealers over the entire process of sales from counselling customers to vehicle delivery.

In the perspective of service design I established a standard vehicle sales process based on the research over customer journey, dealer interview, and competitor analysis. The needs of both dealers and customers in each stage of the sales process determined the functions of the sales tool. I further designed and created the application’s contents to match the comprehensive experience of Hyundai Motor brochure, website, kiosk, and sales guide as well as incorporating the client’s design philosophy of “Modern Premium.”